Core Team

Laura Liu


Laura was born in Beijing and has lived in China's fast growing capital ever since. Her degree is in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. While in University, she started to teach children Chinese through multiple internships. She discovered how patient she can be and invented games to teach the language. She’s known for her soft, pleasant voice and fun classes. Currently, her specialty is teaching business, HSK and spoken programs. Since she grew up in Beijing, she’s our best for teaching practical language courses and outdoor activities to implement what’s learned in class.

Joyce Bai


After teaching Chinese for three years, Joyce realized that the methods used by other language schools were all the same. Seeing that students are not all alike, she started developing her own method. She hoped to make learning Chinese easier and more fun. Her method is based on using her students' own sentences in practical context. This builds on the successful concept of ‘Learning by Doing’. For the last ten years, Joyce and her teachers have been inspired by Purple Bamboo's students. Their feedback and criticism helps to constantly improve the method, making their school a little better every day.

Ingo Neumann


Ingo Neumann participated in an exchange program between RWTH Aachen University and Tsinghua University from 2012 to 2013. 

He studied Chinese at Purple Bamboo and continued after his exchange program. Ingo currently works in China and likes to give Purple Bamboo a foreigner’s perspective on  methods and course content. 

He is very demanding of our teachers, making them explain Mandarin in great detail so students can grasp the many peculiarities.