Our Events


Dinner Table

We take our students out for delicious local cuisine at a reasonable price. We have dinner with new Chinese friends, and invite special industry leaders to join us. You can enjoy the food while discussing business and making new friends!



We take our students on trips around Beijing as well as the rest of China. These trips will help you understand the history and culture behind the sights and improve your level of every day Chinese. Our teachers and students both speak Chinese during all of the trips.


PBKids Program

We started our Little Bamboo Program (PBKids) in Qinghai in 2014.  PBKids is a program designed to provide Chinese children outside metropolitan cities with the opportunity of learning English. We would like to invite volunteers to help us continue this program. With our PBKids, we offer you the chance to look into and participate in the education of Chinese children. You can see what contemporary life in a small Chinese city looks like and enhance your understanding of China, its people, family life and culture.