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About Us



Purple Bamboo Chinese School was founded in 2009 by Joyce Bai. She brings positive energy, outstanding teaching quality and personally selects each teacher. Her know-how and experience is passed on through special training to each new teacher before they can begin. We believe it’s not enough for teachers to simply be good at speaking proper Chinese. They must have interesting personalities, plenty of hobbies and be people with whom we love to hang out with.



We created our own unique method. We call it ‘Experience Chinese’.  Together we make an interactive learning atmosphere and focus on getting the students to speak. The best example for our method is to imagine water. Water is one of the softest substances, yet it is able to erode the hardest of materials. Water also is insubstantial, which means you cannot hold it. You cannot punch or hurt it. Our method tries to be soft like water. We are flexible and adapt ourselves to each individual student.



To suit the various needs and wants of our students, we have divided our course offerings into:

HSK & Spoken, Spoken, Social 

HSK & Spoken: Beginners, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced.

Spoken Course: Survival, Communication, Business, Rhetoric. 

Social Course: Practical, Culture,Traveling, Summer camp. 

You can choose one of these courses or a combination of them

Course Catalog

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PB-Sanlitun-Chinese proficiency level (pdf)


PB-Wudaokou-Chinese proficiency level (pdf)


PB-Online-Chinese proficiency level (pdf)